Travel experiences: Attraction Eiffel Tower Paris and The Château de Chambord

Attraction Eiffel Tower Paris

The Eiffel Tower is and remains the symbol of the city of Paris. Around the world to connect the pointed metal, tower with France. Built between 1887 and 1889, the building was given its name by Gustave Eiffel, the designer. The three-hundred-meter-high giant is 10,000 tons and turns it up to 24 meters thanks to the TV aerial. In 2002, the 200 millionth guest was received. Every year over 6 million people and the public visit the Eiffel Tower Paris.

Depending on the courage to make a stop and admire the view over Paris Visitors in 57, 115 or 276 meters. The Eiffel Tower has an area of approximately 200,000 square meters. Every seven years it is repainted. This work takes about 18 months each time and costs 3 million euros. If you do not do this in regular intervals, the tower would already rusted.

Every hour a sea of lights creates a glitter effect, which animates for looking repeatedly at night. The Eiffel Tower Paris is illuminated from inside and outside and offers visitors an unforgettable moment. The tower opened from 09:30 am to 23:00 clock at night and can be reached at the following address.

Tour Eiffel
Quai Branly
75007 Paris, France

The Château de Chambord in France

The Château de Chambord is the largest castle in the Loire region in France. One finds the Château de Chambord approximately 15 km east of Blois. The castle was built in the first half of the 16th Century. Its builder was King Francis I and served as a ceremonial and hunting lodge.

It is not known who the builder of the famous Château de Chambord is. However, it is supposed that Leonardo da Vinci’s behind it.
The most striking thing about the castle is still the unusual roof landscape today. The shape is almost unique for such structures.

Around the Château de Chambord flows Cosson, a river that was channelled and is a tributary of the Loire. Around the castle is a park. A 32 km long wall surrounds the whole area. Francis I. Use the associated forest for his hunts. Here, wild boar and deer are hunted to death. With over 5000 acres of the hunting area is as large as the former area of Paris.

The castle itself since 1981 on the UNESCO list of cultural relics and served as a model for the construction of the Schwerin Castle. The castle is open to visitors. You can visit the showrooms and changing exhibitions on various topics.

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Unforgettable travel experiences: The Tour Montparnasse in Paris and Moulin Rouge Paris

The Tour Montparnasse Paris stands 210 meters high in the sky. Standing on the terrace, you have a breath-taking view of Paris. The Eiffel Tower is facing in a straight line and looks like a thorn from the tribulations of the city.

The 56th Floor of the Tour Montparnasse in Paris was recently completely renovated. Now visitors can use interactive terminals and audio-visual experiences to explore the city and the new in height. At night, the roof disappear and a sea of lights Rises. The Eiffel Tower is illuminated in different colours inside and out. On the Tour Montparnasse Paris, there are binoculars that will bring people closer to the city life.

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A panoramic Café invites you to a short break to drink in peace a cup of coffee or a glass of water. While you get the fastest elevator in Europe takes 38 seconds to a height of 210 meters, but the feeling that assumes itself to every visitor still only once overwhelms it.

Courageous after that visit the observation deck and experience the vision in the fresh air.

The Tour Montparnasse Paris can be reached at the following address:
Tour Montparnasse Paris
33 Avenue Maine
75015 Paris, Fra

Opening times 10:30 am to 19:30 in the evening

Moulin Rouge Paris

The Moulin Rouge, Paris is one of the oldest vaudeville theatre in the city. With a very special atmosphere, guests will be charmed and pampered here with all your senses. Culinary specialties are presented here, as well as scantily clad beauties and muscular men.

The Moulin Rouge in Paris opens its doors to many different occasions. On one hand, give stars and celebrities at the gala events, the jack in the hand, on the other hand celebrates the television at this historic site so many awards.

As a normal citizen should be a very long book in advance as places are always highly sought after and sold out very quickly. Just for the extremely good food, the Moulin Rouge, Paris is also known as for its liberal shows. Professional dancers offer something for every viewer.

The Moulin Rouge, Paris has always been a focal point for celebrities. You can find the nightclub at the following address:

Moulin Rouge Paris
82 Boulevard Clichy
75018 Paris, France

Travel: Destination France

France, the democratic, centralized unitary state in the west of Europe, has an area of 674843 km ² and about 65,447,374 inhabitants. France is an EU member. The capital city is Paris, the largest and most important city of about 12 million inhabitants.

The southeast half of the country is mountainous, the principal mountain range of attractive destinations France, the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Massif Central and the Vosges. The highest mountain in the Destination France is Mont Blanc 4810 meters altitude. It can be seen often, that the French Revolution has destroyed many magnificent churches and pompous buildings, but then neither time nor effort was spared to make shine the former glory, back to present the sights in France.

Cathedrals, palaces and basilicas are a large part of the travel tips, especially since they already have an eye-catching exterior. Pomp and pageantry given life by the nobility and the kings of France, who like to be surrounded by beautiful things of life. Many world-famous castles are still preserved today and visit as travel tips for visitors in France to give a little insight into life at the time of the Sun King, the predecessor and successor and prosperous society.

Ornamented halls, libraries and art collections all there is to discover and blowing them with a sense of history in the premises, such as the storming of the Bastille. In addition, in the context of all the buildings there is much to see, as boulevards or parks.

While strolling through one of the world’s most beautiful and famous boulevards, the Champs Elysee in Paris, you will pass the official residence of the President of France, the Elysee Palace, which is used as a guesthouse and grandiose setting for many exhibitions. Again, this is one of the attractions in France. Added to destinations such as Lourdes, which today is still pilgrimage destination of millions of tourists or even the island Mont Saint Michel.

The most famous landmark of Paris and one of the greatest sights in France is 300 meters high Eiffel Tower. From the top, the view over the city is unique.